How much does it cost in legal fees to sell a house?

Solicitors who process the sale or purchase of a house are known as conveyancers. Conveyancing fees can vary from firm to firm like their quality of service.

In most cases, conveyancers will charge a fixed fee when selling a house. It is generally the case that their fee is cheaper when selling a house compared to when buying one. Some conveyancers will, however, charge a percentage of the value of the house. These conveyancers will be few and far between due to the level of competition that exists in the industry.

Conveyancers quote their fee based on several factors, as follows:

  • Freehold or leasehold – if leasehold, their quote will generally be higher than if the house was freehold.
  • Mortgage or no mortgage – if there is a mortgage, their quote will generally be higher than if there was no mortgage on the house.
  • Selling and buying at the same time – you will find that conveyancers will charge a reduced fee if you are using their services to sell a house and buy one at the same time.

In general, a conveyancer’s fee should not exceed £1,000 even if the house is leasehold and has a mortgage. It is always recommended that you shop around and thoroughly research the conveyancer you intend to instruct. This is because the cheapest conveyancer may not provide the best service.

This page was published on: October 14, 2020

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